January 5, 2009

  • Update…

    Well, we never made it to our World Mission’s Conference. Can’t say we didn’t try though! We were on the road on our way when Eric and I both became too sick to continue. It hit us quite suddenly. Thankfully Eric decided to turn back home because we found out the next morning that Phoebe had walking pneumonia! We are still trying to balance Jared’s three inhalers for his asthma as he weathers the nasty bug. Praying he doesn’t have to go on another round of prednisone. Looks like some of us may have had the real influenza? None of us were officially diagnosed, but the symptoms were pretty clear and the pneumonia is typical for a complication.

    After spending several days shivering in bed I’m finally back on my feet again for the most part. We only did school in the morning today, as all the kids are still on the mend and needing to get back into routine after a busy holiday season.

    We had a GREAT Christmas!!! Both our family and Eric’s brother’s family all went home to MIL’s for a wonderful Christmas together. We had all eight cousins together ages 1-10 years old.

    Adoption wise we are now officially at the 90 days were the domestic agency (that we are w/and experienced a failed adoption) is willing to do a rematch when a birthmother desires to choose our family. We are kinda in a wait and see mode at this point. After two years of this I’m growing tired of waiting for THE call. Seems like we have had an awful time with false alarms if you know what I mean. I don’t know at some point we will need to move on, but we are going to give it a few more months before completely closing the door.

    As I said in my last post I am picking up my Biblical studies again. Currently I’m studying the synoptic gospels. I’m working on reading the book of Mark. I wish I was more disciplined in studying. I really have a hard time now, with all of my responsibilities of the kids, house etc. to then focus on studying when all is quiet. I have this habit of trying to study and then I think of something that needs to be organized, cleaned or waste my time on the computer instead. I’m sure someone else can relate out there! If anything this is probably my New Year’s resolution. Keep faithful to my studies! =) I have always been a great starter (that would be the visionary in me!) but, not so great of a finisher. With that said… I need to get kids in bed and get ready to study.

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  • after we adopted Isaac, I was having a hard time getting in my study time, too.  (I had been child-free for over 13 years!) I felt so “un-spiritual” when I wasn’t able to spend the time I once did in the Word. 

    Some where along the way, though, I remembered about the “seasons” of life.  They come and go – some leave us time for much study and meditation; and some leave us trying to just catch our breath and have a shower!  lol!

    What I found was that when my time was limited, the Lord was SO FAITHFUL to give me a golden nugget QUICKLY for that day!  It was astonishing to me, really.  I just went to Him hungry and He fed me what I needed in the time I had available.

    He is a good God Who meets our every need.  I just wanted to encourage you to ignore the guilt about less study time, and to embrace the precious few moments you do have with a waiting, willing heart.  He will not turn you away.


  • Glad you’re on the mend. All four of us got the stomach flu from our little grandson. It wasn’t fun, but I’m still glad the little guys were here for a week.

  • Glad you guys are starting to feel better.  I had no idea you were so under the weather.  Sorry you missed your missions summit.  I know you were really looking forward to it.

  • Wow, it sounds like a God thing allowing you to become sick on the way, rather than when you got there. That could have been pretty stressful. Sounds like Jared needed you, too. I know what you mean about waiting for THE call. I’ve been waiting for it for almost a year now. We’re praying for you guys! Hang in there and God bless you. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  • I thought of you guys when I saw the TPE about the World Missions Sunday.  I hope you guys are all feeling better now.

    I love reading your updates.  You are always so encouraging to me.

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