Month: July 2008

  • Here's the Current Adoption Scoop! Oh boy... oh boy! =)

    I wish I had time to write up a really creative or endearing note, but
    I'm on my way to Soulfest and to be honest I'm just all dreamy in my
    heart right now that I don't think there are any words for me to
    articulate how I feel. Although, you should see the size of my personal
    journal! lol

    With that said.... On Sunday we were officially
    matched with a birthmom due in September with an African American
    BOY. (!!!!!!!!!!) Ya, a tad bit excited here.

    Please be praying....

    1) For smooth labor and delivery and healthy baby

    2) For the birthmom --she is super sweet and is a Christian young lady!
    Pray for her heart as she continues the process of making the adoption
    plan for her baby. She is the type of person who knows what she wants
    and is very confident in her decision, but anyone can imagine how
    difficult this must be. Thank the Lord with me for her amazing heart to
    give life to her child. She
    has so much courage. SHE CHOSE LIFE!!! PTL! =)

    3) Our bond with the birthmother continues to be Christ centered and
    peaceful. So far we have really enjoyed this sweet young lady and will
    continue to be conversing with her up until baby is born. Only God
    knows what is next...

    4) That God will prepare the way during the legal aspects of the journey

    5) Travel arrangements will go smoothly.

    6) That we will continue to walk in the peace of the Lord no matter
    what happens along this particular adoption journey. It can be quite
    emotional, stressful, uncertain and exciting all bunched up together.

    7) God's will be done. Period.

    (I don't know how much I will be comfortable sharing in public from this point on so please be understanding if I don't want to get more into the details until after the baby is placed with us if this is the Lord's will. You all know how passionate I am about educating in the area of adoption advocacy so be assured I will share as much as I feel is proper when the time is right. )

  • Time for an update, eh?

    I have been gone from xanga for some time, but for very good reasons. We have been on a constant roller coaster ride with the adoption process still. I'll spare you the agonizing details.... I'm afraid to speak too soon on anything now! However, I will say our homestudy was updated on July 4th and we are in the process of being matched for a newborn baby of any race or gender.

    Do you know what it is like to have a phone stuck to you 24/7 waiting for someone to tell you that you are expecting?! CRAZY!!!!  EXCITING!!! Yesterday, I received a call with some great news. Could this be the one? I don't know yet, but I will be sure to fill you in on details when I am able to do so.

    I'm relaxed really. See? Just don't take me away from that black bag sitting by me that has not only has my camera, but my cell phone too! The water is only about two feet from where I was sitting so it was tucked safe and sound waiting to ring. I dropped the cell phone once and almost had a heart attack.

    Eric has been working a lot of extra hours this summer than normal as well. As you know we have traveled out to MO already. Through out July he was doing pre-marital counseling for a young couple that he has the honor of officiating their wedding in August. We have also been getting ready for Soulfest as well as preparing a 20th year reunion for our ministry in the Fall. Exciting things to come for sure! Lots of work, but very rewarding!

    We did get away for some time this week for a family reunion and time spent at family camp on the lake. I will have more pics up soon...  For now here's a pic of our little fish schooled together after swimming most of the day.

    Aren't they the most beautiful little fish you have ever seen? Anyone notice that even though I have a huge, full teeth smile that all of my Ukrainian kids mostly smile with lips closed? I'm starting to think it's a Ukrainian gene that doesn't change even within environment.
  • Moosechusetts

    Eric and I had a meeting in the Northern part of our State last evening in which the kids came along as well. It was a gorgeous ride I tell ya! The sunshine hit the mountains so beautifully and the children were just in awe of being completely surrounded by the mountains. We vowed to do more exploring of our own State with the kids during the summer time, as there is so much to see and do in the Northern parts.

    The reason why I'm telling you any of this is because the North country is also major Moose country. There are signs every where telling you to be cautious because the Moose do cross the road and you don't want to hit one for your own sake! On the way home it was just at dusk and we saw two moose close to the road along with several deer. The kids were beyond excited to see a real moose so close! I told them they needed to help keep their eyes open to make sure Papa didn't hit one in the road. The moose were really starting to roam while it was cooling down after an extremely hot, summer day.

    While we were enjoying some family time of discussion all about the evening Chloe abruptly yells out, "THERE'S A MOOSE!!!" Eric, of course, starts breaking and everyone starts peeling their eyes wide open wondering where in the world is this moose that we must avoid when suddenly Chloe points to the side of the road and says, "See right there!" To our relief we see that she is pointing to a big moose SIGN for one of the businesses. After a moment to catch our breathe and let our racing hearts calm down the entire van erupts into laughter! (you had to be there ) Then as our laughter quieted down Chloe softly comments, "We must be in Moosechusetts." Again, the entire family erupted in uncontrollable laughter.

    We could not help but stop at an old country store and treat the kids to a Moose Tracks ice cream cone after all of that. The kids sat on an old fashion porch swing together while enjoying their ice cream and the summer night's breeze. I love when mundane events turn into so much fun and unexpected surprises. Don't you?!

  • Phoebe's New Milestone!

    On July 6th, Phoebe wanted her training wheels off!! Big Brother Jared was great at helping her get started.

    There she goes all by herself!!! She is the first of the twins to learn how to ride a bike without training wheels! Way to go, Phoebe! I love her face here as if to say, "I'm really doing it!"

    This was another time she thought she was going to run into the play block. I couldn't resist the pic because of what she did with both her legs by swinging them out as if that would stop her! lol She was working on steering, obviously.

    Going along strong all by herself again!

    Wipe out!


    I'm OK Mama! Let's do it again!


    Remember being a kid and learning this milestone? There is nothing so freeing to a kid as this feeling of being able to ride your bike all by yourself! She was so excited!


    Look at that smile after a few successful runs! Looks like it's time to get Phoebe the next size bike!

  • Devil at the Garden Stand

    Did that get your attention?! It did mine! Normally, I would want to share a story titled something like, Preaching at the Well, as Eric always seems to come home with a sweet story to share with us after getting us fresh, spring water at the town well and encountering a new friend once they find out what he does for a job (Campus Minister). Seriously! It's amazing what complete strangers will share so intimately with him in regards to their life and belief in God while waiting their turn to fill up their water jugs.

    Today, was a bit different in the sense that Eric had a strange encounter at our local garden stand. You see today he met the devil so I'm told. The story he came home to tell me was not very pleasing to say the least considering that my children were exposed to this "devil" and I am a bit puzzled with what to do from here. I thought I would share it with those of you that are Christians and get your diverse thinking on this.

    Here is the background...

    Eric, Jared (10 yrs old), Chloe (5 yrs old) and Phoebe (5 yrs old) are all putting peas in a bag together. Garden stand owner... let's call him Mr. G for the sake of time and anonymity... starts kidding with the girls saying, "No peas allowed for girls today!" Eric, thinking Mr. G was just trying to find a funny way to relate to the kids, encouraged the girls to go up and ask him, "Excuse me. Can girls get squash today?" The girls did so in the cutest voices I am told. Mr. G replied, "Yes, girls may get squash today, but they may not have peas today because boys rule and girls drool."  This is a grown man older than both Eric and I mind you. Anyway, with no prompting at all Jared boldly, yet politely, tells Mr. G,  "I don't think boys are better than girls. I think that we are all made in God's image and that we were all made fairly." WOW! This part of the story I am very proud of because Jared knew to be a good example even when an adult was showing that lack of example. My heart is warmed knowing Jared did not take advantage of an opportunity to tease his younger siblings. He showed such maturity to not think of himself above his little sisters! Honestly, this is one example as to why I choose to homeschool and today I got to hear the fruit of my efforts. For that I am thankful to Jesus! I was told Mr. G clearly heard Jared, but chose to ignore him. After paying for their produce Mr. G asked the children, "Want to see my horns?" and proceeded to pull out a red devil's hat with horns, blew a loud horn startling everyone at the garden stand and told the children that he was the devil. Eric moved the children along, got the children into the van and they then privately prayed together for Mr. G before leaving the parking spot.

    Now, what would you do or have done AS A CHRISTIAN in this situation? Explain.

    1) Confront him on the inappropriateness of his behavior around the children
    2) Just quietly walked away and never plan to return
    3) Come up with something witty to respond to the "devil" with and shrug it off
    4) Use it as a witness opportunity by continuing to engage him right then and there in speaking about salvation and Jesus vs. where the real devil will be spending eternity
    5) Come back later with a tract or other Biblical literature
    6) Ignore that the entire thing happened, continue to shop at his garden stand and hope that your family can some how be a good witness by your actions.
    7) Other ---because there is always another idea out there! Please share! (I tried to come up with different personalities of how typical Christians might react, but I know I didn't hit them all.)