February 18, 2009

  • This is Jared’s latest project he accomplished. What we have here is a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. 1179 lego pieces! It only took him two days from start to finish. I think his smile says it all!

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  • Wow!  I have one that has done some projects like that but it’s been awhile.  Now he does more with Knex than legos. 

  • Amazing accomplishment!

  • Holy moley.  I’m not sure I’ve every seen anything like it.  Congratulations, Jared!

  • Wow!  Talk about developing fine motor skills,perseverance,ability to follow instructions/diagrams,organizational skills, and delayed gratification!  Sounds like school to me! I showed this post to my DH, (he’s an aerospace engineer currently working at Airbus, but had previously worked at Boeing on the 737) and he said you’ve got a little engineer in the making~

    Still keeping you in my prayers, that TPTB realize that these bills are not going to benefit their constituency.I pray that regardless of their good intentions (and I do believe that those intentions are honorable, that they simply want to ensure that the state’s children are being educated) that they will see that this sort of regulation is counter productive to our God-given rights to parent and educate our children.


  • Wow, Jared has talent! It would take me weeks to come remotely close to that! Nice work!         We’re still praying about that homeschooling bill.

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