November 29, 2008

  • Thankful For Family

    First Thanksgiving celebration was at my Grampa’s house. I love my Grampa!! Doesn’t he look mighty handsome for an 80 year old?!

    Then we went to Eric’s Mom’s house where I took a treat to make with the kids. Here Mini (Grandmother) is dipping her cone.

    Chloe is showing you hers after she got to dip it in yummy chocolate.

    Caleb dipping his cone in the melted chocolate chips. YUMMY!

    Jared’s favorite activity while we are doing a project. At least we have someone else other than me to document our fun!

    Phoebe shows you what they look like before the cones are dipped. These are just regular waffle cones you can find in the grocery store.

    The next morning our chocolate is set and ready to go for the next step.

    Time to fill the cones with Candy Corn and Pumpkins.

    Mini takes her turn to fill some up with candy.

    Jared liked adding the candy pumpkins. (Btw, you can get the candy for dirt cheap on Nov. 1st)

    Papa’s turn with everyone lending a helping hand of course.

    Enjoying a little treat before we make our deliveries to cousins in the area! Mini made some “clusters” filled with raisins and nuts with the left over chocolate.

    Here are our edible cornucopia place settings for Thanksgiving!

    Then off to Aunt Jill and Uncle Ronnie’s for Turkey Dinner.

    Aunt Jill painted Christmas ornaments with the children after dinner.

    Serious artists at work!

    Everyone showing off their two favorite ornaments.

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