Month: February 2009

  • Adoption

    I just wanted to put a prayer request before you for our adoption situation. As you all are well aware of we have been trying to add to our family since October 2006. We have been through many failed attempts, but God has been good to us through them all. If nothing else I just feel like God loves us so much. The past grief has only cemented within my heart how blessed I am to have been given the opportunity to parent the four beautiful children God has entrusted to us. With that said… our hearts still feel that our home is ready for more children. However, all attempts have been exhausting, as we come against the many obstacles of already being a “large” family with four children.

    Within the last week we have sent our homestudy to several social workers outside of our State, but all here in the US. I would ask you to pray with us that God would open the hearts of the social workers and see that although we are a “large” family that we have so much more to offer in a LARGER family! We need God to intervene and move beyond what we are capable of doing. Only God knows what all the objections are of these social workers. We have suspicions, but they are not our worries to carry. We have stepped out by faith and now we entrust our actions to the hands of God. Thy will be done….

  • This is Jared’s latest project he accomplished. What we have here is a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. 1179 lego pieces! It only took him two days from start to finish. I think his smile says it all!