Month: March 2009

  • Twins-Then and Now


    March 18 (2004 & 2009)– First pic was when my twins became legally mine in Ukraine and we were just getting ready to leave the orphanage. Second pic is the twins this week five years later. My have they grown! =)

  • Quick Update

    In light of being good stewards of our finances Eric has been having fun this week with us in the kitchen.

    He is getting rather good at his pizza throwing skills! For the kids it has become dinner and show! Who said entertainment needs to be expensive?! lol I will have to video tape it sometime. I think his audience is catching on to wanting a thin crust verses thick because it means Papa will toss the dough up in the air more.

    Grampa gave us a big turkey to cook too! Eric is showing the scrumptious bird off. (Ignore the messy counters and the cupboard door open. We were cooking after all!)  One thing our family loves is a big turkey because it feeds us forever —turkey sandwhiches, turkey soup and anything else turkey can be disquised in….mmmmmm…. good! Thank you, Grampa!!!!!