Month: November 2008

  • Thankful For Family

    First Thanksgiving celebration was at my Grampa's house. I love my Grampa!! Doesn't he look mighty handsome for an 80 year old?!

    Then we went to Eric's Mom's house where I took a treat to make with the kids. Here Mini (Grandmother) is dipping her cone.

    Chloe is showing you hers after she got to dip it in yummy chocolate.

    Caleb dipping his cone in the melted chocolate chips. YUMMY!

    Jared's favorite activity while we are doing a project. At least we have someone else other than me to document our fun!

    Phoebe shows you what they look like before the cones are dipped. These are just regular waffle cones you can find in the grocery store.

    The next morning our chocolate is set and ready to go for the next step.

    Time to fill the cones with Candy Corn and Pumpkins.

    Mini takes her turn to fill some up with candy.

    Jared liked adding the candy pumpkins. (Btw, you can get the candy for dirt cheap on Nov. 1st)

    Papa's turn with everyone lending a helping hand of course.

    Enjoying a little treat before we make our deliveries to cousins in the area! Mini made some "clusters" filled with raisins and nuts with the left over chocolate.

    Here are our edible cornucopia place settings for Thanksgiving!

    Then off to Aunt Jill and Uncle Ronnie's for Turkey Dinner.

    Aunt Jill painted Christmas ornaments with the children after dinner.

    Serious artists at work!

    Everyone showing off their two favorite ornaments.

  • Chloe's Evening Outfit

    This evening, Chloe came flying down the stairs and around the corner and exclaims, "I look like Kimmy now!" With that outburst I quickly got up and grabbed the camera to capture her explanation to me on video. Below is why she thinks she looked like her cousin Kimmy.

    Here's a photo to really see what she was wearing. The video below is a little dark because I was using my regular digital camera without many lights on in the house. Now watch for the explanation...

    Kimmy, this seriously was out of the blue! I have NO idea what made her think of you at this very moment with camping. Especially since we didn't get together this summer to camp. The girl pays more attention to details than I think. lol All I know is that she was upstairs getting into her pajamas and cleaning her room. When she found her sunglasses, after cleaning up her mess, that is when she came flying down to make her announcement. So there you go... Chloe thinks you are a fashion statement at the campground and wants to be just like you.

  • 16 Random Things

    I did this on FB and thought I would add it here for others to see. I'm not going to tag here, but if you want to do it let me know so I can read yours too!

    Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

    1) I go to bed every night with a glass of water and two dog biscuits. The water is for me and the biscuits are to reward my dachsies for obediently going into their crate/bed for the night. It does look odd as I walk to my bedroom with both in hand though.

    2) When I was nine I told my Mother that I needed to go to a Christian college because I was going to marry me a Minister. Later, I found my Minister Hubby at a State University that also had no religious studies at the time. Who knew?

    3) The first person ever in my life to allow me to paint a room purple, my favorite color, was my Mother-In-Love. After fourteen years of marriage the room at her house is still purple. I love it!

    4) I used to trade with my peers my sugary snacks (brownies, cookies, and the like) for the spinach served at hot lunch in public school. Some things will never change!

    5) I hope to always look for opportunities to make a difference in someone’s life no matter how insignificant the action may seem at that time. It was one man, that I highly respected, who handed me an envelope with information inside on a specific adoption agency. Nine months later I traveled to Ukraine to become the Mother of my two handsome boys. Five years later I went back to also become the Mother to two beautiful twin girls. The man who gave me the envelope was never able to see any of my children, as he passed away before they came home. You just never know how far your influence will go even though you may never see the fruit of it.

    6) I prefer to drive a standard vehicle to an automatic.

    7) In my lifetime I am more likely to see more sunsets than sunrises. Hoot! Hoot!

    8) I went to deaf camp when I was twelve to continue learning my ASL skills. While at camp I told my friend from Puerto Rico, who was hard of hearing and only spoke Spanish, that I was going on the cowboy cookout to eat horses. Oops! I meant we would be riding horses out to the cowboy cookout. The look in his face alone made me realize I had a LOT more practicing to do!

    9) I have been known to eat an entire jar of hot peppers for a late night snack.

    10) My goal someday is to support and see my husband work towards and receive his PH.D

    11) I have a fifth, extra wisdom tooth in which I have always been told will make me wiser than others. I’m still waiting for the wiser part to come true.

    12) I dream of turning my journals of infertility and adoption experiences into a book or teaching for womens conferences.

    13) While camping I can make a pretty amazing omelet with a plastic baggy and pot of boiling water.

    14) I am a Mayflower descendant by three bloodlines – William Brewster, John Alden and Priscilla Mullins. These generational lines also means I’m related to former Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

    15) My favorite books and movies are always about Missionaries or people who show great character of forgiveness, sacrifice and perseverance such as in The Hiding Place and Chasing the Dragon.

    16) I will never give up trying to make a difference in the life of a child who would otherwise never have had a family to call his/her own.

  • Preparing For Winter -Stacking Wood!

    In the spirit of how our family loves to have fun while working below is a picture blog of the day we conquered our wood pile. We did this also in October, but I was still grieving the loss of our adoption so never got our pictures on the blog. Better late than never! =)

    The task begins...

    If only we could have gotten the wood pile dumped closer to the bulk head.

    Running back for more!

    Even the little helpers are BIG helpers!

    One running back for more and one with an arm full.

    Going down!

    Being helpful to each other is always a good thing!

    Such joyful, big helpers!

    We are conquering the pile!

    Still working hard and smiling wide!

    Chloe liked being Papa's helper by handing him the logs on the floor to be stacked up high.

    One wall of wood almost completed!

    This was their attempt to pose and act pathetically tired for Mama.

    Even little Princesses are God's servants!

    Interesting approach...holding one log behind the back and the other by the side.

    I love the Fall colors behind Jared as he brings his arm full of wood down.

    Look at all that wood we have stacked with such big helpers!!

    Mama and Papa even get in a picture. Thank you, Jared!

    Chloe wanted a picture "with the parents." Yes, that is exactly what she told Jared. So cute!

    One tough Gal! One big wall of wood!


    Caleb found a treasure! He was convinced this log looked like the head of a dinosaur. Of course!

    Don't mess with that log!


    Whew! Getting tired, but almost done!

    Papa rallies the troops back up to work.

    Last four logs!

    We did it!!! Two walls of wood stacked so we can school all winter by a warm fire.  Family working joyfully together is such a blessing!

    Jared enjoying the fruit of our labor. He was reading his independent reading assignment for school on a cold morning.

  • First Snowfall/Happy Gotcha Day!

    I know I'm late on this, but the boys will want it on our blog none-the-less. Oct. 29th was their celebration of when they officially became our sons. Seeing that November is National Adoption Month it really isn't too late. The boys were thrilled to have our first snow fall on their Happy Gotcha Day! Below you can view the birds coming to our feeder while it's snowing via video. Forgive the Roy Rogers serenade in the background. lol

    Forget how the snow feels! How does it taste?! Boys will be boys! lol

    Their Happy Gotcha meal. The boys picked kielbasa, beats, turnip and mash potatoes. I suppose that is pretty close to what we could find in Ukraine! =)

  • Squirrelly Day

    Um, little creature.... what do you think you are doing on the bird feeder?

    Yes, you! We caught you red handed and I have the picture to prove it. Oh, please don't look at me with those cute little eyes, button nose and tiny little ears listening to my children's excitement of watching one of God's little creatures!

    Okay, fine. Your cuteness has won me over and you may continue on with your feast. Besides, the children's giggles while watching you is worth another bag of bird seed.